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​清水 エリ
Eri Shimizu​​


前職で企画・運営を担当した写真展をきっかけに写真と出会い、写真を撮るため北海道へ通う日々を送る。2019年北海道東川町に移住し、写真の仕事を始める。写真家 井上浩輝氏のアシスタントを経て、独立。WEB・雑誌・企業からの依頼での撮影などを行いながら、北海道での日々の暮らしや旅先で出会う光、


Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1989.

I came across photography through the work of the photo exhibition that I was in charge of planning and managing where I used to work. Then I kept going to Hokkaido to take pictures.

I moved to Higashikawa-cho, Hokkaido in 2019, and I started working in photography. I became independent after working as an assistant to photographer Hiroki Inoue.

I take photographs of websites, magazines, and shoot on request from companies etc. And I continue to photograph the light I encounter while living in Hokkaido, the light I encounter while traveling, the beautiful landscape, and the people and wildlifes living in the places, as if they were in the air.

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